Things Are Always Working Out For Me

Posted by David Herring on

Things Are Always Working Out For Me is a powerful reminder that, occasional appearances aside, this is not an adversarial Universe. No one is out to get you. If left to unfold naturally, things will always work out for you.

The Law of Attraction is central to many of our designs here at High Frequency. Many folks over-complicate this law.  Many more simply do not get it. The fact is you get more of what you focus on. That may be one of the simplest ways to explain the Law of Attraction.

Put another way, you get what you think.

When faced with some situation in life, your experience of the outcome is largely a function of your thoughts and attitudes leading up to it.  If you have the belief that the worst is going to happen, it is far more likely that it will. Conversely, if you are largely a positive person and you believe that things will be alright in the end, they most likely will be.

You will experience what you believe.

When in the situation where you are unsure or worried or otherwise just not feeling right about what's coming, reminding yourself that "Things Are Always Working Out For Me" is a very good way to shift your thinking and feelings away from the unwanted and toward the wanted. It is a source of inner personal comfort, taking the edge (and attraction power) off of any uncertainty or worry. It literally raises your vibration so that you can attract what you do want.

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